I make no promises.

This is approximately my 80,000th attempt at starting a blog (give or take a few), and my first post in every single failed attempt has been the same: THIS IS WHAT MY BLOG IS GOING TO BE AND I’M GOING TO WRITE IT IN EVERY DAY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT LOL.

So I’m not going to do that this time.

Well, not entirely..

I want this blog to be an accurate reflection of my personal and professional growth as I dive into the world of journalism. That’s the only parameter I’m going to set for this thing. I’ll update it with my successes and failures, the lessons I learn and unlearn, and the stories I tell along the way.  Those updates might come daily, they might come weekly or monthly. That’s okay. Maybe I’ll write groundbreaking 100,000 word dissertations analyzing the state of the modern media landscape, complete with footnotes.

Maybe I’ll post videos of cats dry heaving to deadmau5. It’s whatever.

But I’ll try to limit the latter.

Either way, you’ll get a sense of the kind of person and the kind of journalist I am and want to become. That’s the whole point of this: to keep me writing, to get my name out there and to create a real-time record of the journey as I take it.

So thanks for reading. As a reward, here’s a video of a ZEBRA TRYING TO DROWN A LIONESS AND GETTING AWAY OH MY GOD.


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